Sunday, February 22, 2015

November 2014

November 8, 2014:
My kids had such a blast at the Mesa Veterans Day Parade. So grateful to all those men and women who have served in our military, past and present. Thank you preserving our freedoms!

November 15, 2014:
Our family had a blast tonight at the Johnson elementary fall festival. Barros pizza and backyard taco were our meals of choice...we wanted to try a waffle from the waffle crush truck as I've heard great things but our tummies were too full. The kids loved the swing carnival ride.

November 16th, 2014:
Today we put up our Christmas tree and also explored family picture taking places!

November 21, 2014:
David's cousin, Kate Mower, who is incredibly talented, took pictures of our children.  They turned out so amazing!


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