Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Two weekends ago, my family had the chance to go up to an area around Christopher Creek AZ to go enjoy some fresh air and camping. Yes, this was an unusual suggestion of mine as I typically despise camping (I don't like waking up to no showers and sleeping on lumpy beds, even with air mattresses). The boys got to do some fishing and David was the only one that caught one fish the entire camping trip. The rest of us enjoyed hiking and catching crawdads which David, my brother, and sister-in-law happily ate (yuck). Here are some pictures from the fun weekend:

This last Saturday David and I got to play active roles in a family/friend haunted house that was well attended. David made me dress up as a nurse with bloody (cornsyrup) bandages, facemask...the whole speal...while he was a vampire working the guillotine. I hid behind part of the passageway, jumped out when people least suspected it and screamed at them.....it was pretty fun and I got a lot of scares.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Costume help

So we have run out of time again this year, and all the costumes at the stores are aroun 50$, frayed, and very very cheaply maid. I wanted to have a giselle costume but both mother-in-laws are unable to make anything for me this year....therefore, i was wondering if anyone had a costume that I could borrow, just for this Saturday, next Friday and next Saturday.

David is going as a Knight (as in princess/king knight)...so it'd be cool to go as something to goes with that theme, but at this point i'm game for pretty much anything. Please let me know ASAP, i promise it'll be treated like gold!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Visiting Teachers

Let me again brag on how wonderful my visiting teachers are. If only I could be a quarter diligent as they are. They come rain or shine everymonth and without fail bring me something yummy to eat. One of my visiting teachers I met for the first time tonight and she cross-stitched this cute jar and filled it with yummy pumpkin candies. Makes me ashamed that I am not doing better. Thank you ladies!

Conference this weekend was wonderful. One talk that was so powerful to me was the one on the Book of Mormon by Elder Holland. No one could have listened to that talk and deny that power in his words. He said that Moroni died shortly after writing "Come unto Christ and live". Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith knew their wives would be left widows, thousands of followers would cross the plains, their feet bleeding and loved ones dying on the way. Persecutions would rage, and yet....they never denied the Book of Mormon once. If it had been false and they were unsure of its truthfulness, they would not have gone through so much to defend the book and the gospel. I have some family members that I pray will eventually return to the church and understand Elder Holland's talk (or the gist of it).

And lately I have thought so much of dear Elder Wirthlin's talk a conference or two ago...and his quote "Come what may and Love it". Lately, while having so much go on in this world, and experience a variety of trials, this quote has reminded me that even though we go through trials, love them, and know that they are refining you and making you into the person Heavenly Father wants and expects you to be. How blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives and to have leaders filled with inspiration, to give us hope in these Latter Days...amidst everything chaotic going on in this world, the gospel is our constant.