Sunday, November 20, 2011

October-Early November

So this post is fairly late, but life has been so busy for us! I started back to work full time on October 24th. We have been so lucky as both David's mom and my mom have graciously offered to watch Easton for us. We know he is in loving hands while we are off at work! The beginning of October was General Conference. Every year, since we don't have cable at our house, we head over to my brother's home and eat breakfast/lunch while watching wonderful messages from our prophet and other church leaders. Between sessions, we busted out Twister and had some good old fashioned fun! David kicked my bootie, but largely because he kept cheating and stealing the spaces that I should have landed on. It made for some fun though!
For Halloween, David bought some swords and nunchucks and all three of us dressed up as ninjas! We went to my mom's Halloween party, then to David's parents Halloween party, and finally to our own church Halloween party on the Saturday before Halloween. Such a busy busy night, but we had fun and Easton was so good! On Halloween night, we went to my brother's church Halloween party and enjoyed our 5th meal in a row of chili. After that bowl, I told David I never wanted to eat chili again lol. We also walked to our friends home, the Booths, and shared a nice fire pit in their driveway while handing out candy to trick or treaters.
On the first Sunday in November, we were spoiled to have so many family members share Easton's special day with us. David blessed him at church, and then afterwards, we had all of our family members over to our house for a light lunch.
As Christmas time is approaching, I think of how grateful I am for so many blessings in my life. I think back to a few years ago when David, my mom, my sister and I secretly left a Christmas tree on the door step of a co-workers home. The co-worker had told me a few days prior that they had no tree, no money, and would not be having Christmas that year. She was worried about her children and not having gifts for them. The next morning (after delivering the tree), my co-worker greeted me that morning with tears in her eyes. She said "Lynette, you will NEVER believe what happened. God answered my prayers. There was a Christmas tree left on my doorstep. My children and I were SO excited!" It makes tears fill my eyes when I think of that experience and how such a simple thing brought so much joy. I am keeping my eyes and ears opened for ways I can secretly bless the lives, or at least bring a little Christmas cheer, to my family and friends who are struggling this holiday season!