Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kyle eating minnow at Woods Canyon - 10/14/11

First Camping Trip

Being stuck at home for the last few months has really done a number on me lol. Thank goodness for my mother who has let me come hang out at her house nearly every day just to be around people! For those that know me best, they can quickly tell you how much I really don't like camping. I don't like sleeping in the cold, I don't like not showering, and I don't like bugs! But as I just mentioned, being stuck at home has changed my mind about some things. I finally decided that I WANTED to go camping with my family over Fall Break as means to break up the monotony of staying at home. So little Easton and I rode up with my mom to the rim, about 30 miles past Payson, on Friday afternoon. David met us the following evening as his work would not permit him to take the day off.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous (when we first arrived) and the leaves were changing into their Fall colors. My two brothers had gone backpacking the day before and so they met us at camp. We followed the boys to the lake and watched while they went fishing. Kyle, my youngest brother, ended up eating a live minnow on a dare/bribe for 1$ from my older brother. (See last blog post for video). My mom and I were disgusted :) My sister in law and her three kids as well as my sister Heidi came in later that evening, just in time to go to bed! I did not sleep well at all that night. The campgrounds were filled with people and they were all so noisy! I hear people next to us throwing up and later in the night, several Elk were bugeling. Factor in the coldness (40 degrees) and a baby to feed (once during the night) and little sleep was had.

Saturday, my mom made a yummy egg-mcmuffin breakfast and after cleanup, my mom, sister, and I decided to take a nap while everyone else went to the lake. After the nap, everyone went to collect firewood and shoot my brother's airsoft gun. I also ended up seeing my good friend Kim and her boyfriend riding bikes right where we were shooting the guns-talk about a small world! We later enjoyed a wonderful dutch over dinner/dessert consisting of chicken pot pies and brownies. I was so excited when my David arrived with my dad, shortly before dinner. Boy did I miss my David!

Sunday, we had yummy breakfast burritos, cleaned up camp and went to the lake. No fish were caught again but we enjoyed the beautiful weather. David and I had a nice chat on the ride home about setting goals together. We want to get in shape and start eating healthy. We want to really start getting into joint hobbies. David wants me to get a bow so that I can start doing archery with him :)

This is my last week before I have to go back to work! I enjoyed spending Monday at my mother in laws house, Tuesday visiting the school I work at and later in the evening playing a co-ed soccer game, Wednesday with my family playing a soccer game with my dad's 9 year old team that he coaches, and today I will spend with the baby. I am going to attempt getting some last minute cleanings done and then I have enrichment tonight.

I can't believe how fast the last few weeks have flown. David is doing his CNA clinicals at Springdale West nursing facility just a few miles from us. Today is his last day, then he will take his final exam tomorrow and State Board exam Sunday-then he is done! Wohoo! (Can you tell how excited I am!!). He is considered doing job interviews with this nursing home as he has enjoyed his experience, they like him, and they are hiring right now. The pay is not very good at all and would be a decrease from what he is making now. Plus I don't know about benefits (Wells Fargo has AWESOME benefits). We got a letter this week stating that David did not make it into the PA program at the University of Utah. We are both sad about this but are hoping doors open down here for him. If nothing else, hopefully working as a CNA will significantly boost his ability to get into one of the schools!

Easton has started chatting a lot more and smiling in response to people talking to him. I am absolutely loving this stage he is in. He will be 10 weeks tomorrow, weighs 13.8lbs, is 23inches, and has a huge head! The doctor said he is in the 70th percentile for height and weight and in the 90th percentile for head circumfrence! I will miss my little buddy once I go to work, but I know he is in good hands with my mom and mother-in-law watching him!