Monday, June 22, 2009

So what did the Bunzell's do after a long stressful week? Well, we worked 8 hours on Saturday and then got to see this movie.....
The Proposal.....
Let me tell you that that was one of the most hilarious movies I have seen in a long long time, not to mention it was a romance. Needless to say, I loved it. It had a few parts that I shied away from due to its crudeness but overall it was great.

Skipping back to Friday night, David and I got to go to his cousin Diana's wedding. How beautiful everything was. I was so excited for her, we are alike in the fact that both of us are going to school to become Speech Language Pathologists! Unfortunately Diana is moving to Colorado with her new husband, and we will miss her so much! Here are some pictures from the night....Grandma and Hailey

Giving Aaron the look like "Ah! you're going a little far!"

Michael was the lucky winner of the garter toss! You know what that means....... :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

A venting post.....

Today has been rather difficult as a culmination of things have been on my mind. For my sanity I just need to vent and let my emotions go.

#1 Today my father in law collapsed and has been in the ER all day getting tests done. He also has a tumor, making the situation even more scary. I have been worried about him all day. He is still really his 40's.

#2 We have slightly less than two weeks before judgement day comes and David either keeps his job or loses it. This is resting on his ability to get 90 solutions (people opening savings/checkings/debit card/credit card) within a period or approximately three months time. He has around 70 right do the math. We've been praying for miracles to intercede on our behalf, which is really what its going to take to save his job.

#3 I don't technically have a job this summer, which means we are losing a BIG chunk of our savings this summer in order to make things work. My small wages of 120$ every two weeks doesn't cut it.

#4 Family.....need I say more

Now, I know this seems small, but I am at breaking point almost. You see, a few weeks ago on the last day of my research methods, again when I had just about had it, my professor (bless her heart) stood up before out final exam and said (in words close to these) "Now, I usually have grad students at my door crying the last few weeks of class. I want you to know that you guys are special. When we considered your applicants we looked for the cream of the crop....and we selected you because you were the very best and the very brightest. We knew we could pretty much push you to your limits and you would still succeed".

Those of you that are willing please send a prayer on behalf of the Bunzell family, both mine and my in-laws. We need a few miracles :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


Not this past weekend, but the one before (Memorial Weekend), David and I had the chance to escape the heat and head to Anaheim, AKA Disneyland town! I don't know what it was but the curvy freeways on the CA-60 nearly drove me nuts. I can't stand so many sharp curves, on a very bumpy freeway with cars going so fast!

The first night we got there, we shopped a little in Downtown Disney, although I was not very impressed with the shops I saw. We ended up buying some peanut brittle, taking pictures and then heading back to the hotel to catch up with my brothers crew. Dinner was at Applebees.
Sunday we headed out to the LA temple and got some really beautiful shots there. Chris drove us down Sunset Blvd and I got to see the Hollywood sign, the stars walk of fame and some other really cool places. Now I can die happy :)

We then went to Hungtington Beach and for the first long while I was very hesitant to go in and Boogie Board with the others because of the coldness of the water (I am a chicken when it comes to the cold). After sitting in the water with Kiara as she was terrified to go in too, I got the nerve to go in and had the BEST time! I even caught a few really good waves. Chris and David dug for Sand Crabs and we found some really giant ones. As we were leaving, a group of dolphins decided to jump around by some of the surfers. It was pretty amazing to see dolphins up close in the ocean.

Monday we went to Disneyland and enjoyed getting to use several fast passes. I had forgotten how ridiculously expensive the food was at disneyland with everything being around 10$ a plate for a decent meal (something other than churros and ice cream). My thoughts were that I'd rather fork out the money and get something that would make our bodies feel good, rather than pay 3$ and feel like crap the whole day. The fireworks show was absolutely amazing-thats what really made Disneyland feel magic. For those that haven't been in awhile, they play sound clips from various disney movies and rides paired with perfectly timed fireworks and jolts of fire around the castle.

And now I am back to the real world...working with adult stroke clients at ASU and losing sleep over the stress of how to do therapy with these people. Have to understand their disorders and I don't, at least to the degree I need to!
Anyways, here are some pictures from our trip, enjoy!

Chris pretending to eat one of the sand crabs

Yes, we like kissing!