Sunday, August 26, 2012

Easton turns 1!

I can't believe it has already been one year since the birth of Easton.  Thinking back to all those sleepless night, postpartum blues, and nursing my little seems like so long ago.  Easton has brought so much joy to our lives.  I like to call him my little "ham" because he is hilarious!  He laughs so hard at the most random things-which of course makes us want to laugh hard ourselves. 

For his first birthday party, we decided to do the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" theme after Eric Carle's book.  We made seven days of feasting on different foods and a caterpillar cupcake/cake to top it off. 


I realized that the letters "O-N-E" are in Easton's name so I took his name letters off his wall to have him post for a picture. Happy birthday little guy! 
 Now that he is ONE, he is old enough to ride the lawn mower with Grandpa Bunzell-and boy does he LOVE it!


On July 5th, my sister Stacey was able to commander more Diamondbacks tickets and so the whole family got to watch one more game for the season.  I love the atmosphere at professional baseball games!

We spent July 25-30th vacationing in Utah and Idaho.  Easton was very sick most of the trip and had a fever for four out of the six days we were there.  On our way up, we briefly stopped in Vegas for lunch and found this creepy "Hello Kitty" on the strip.  Let's just say Easton was NOT a fan.  This was the first time that David had been to Vegas.  I promised him we'd go up another time to actually spend time to browse around and maybe try the slot machines ;)

David and I didn't get much sleep, especially the first two nights where we stayed at a KOA cabin in Utah.  I was grateful we had mattresses and a little "home" to stay in rather than a tent!  For breakfast one morning we made pancakes and bacon and my sister in law shared some of her eggs with us-YUM!  Some of the pancake mix spilled and Easton enjoyed "finger painting" in the tasty batter.
On Thursday the 26th of July, my family all went ziplining down Provo Canyon.  So much fun!  I was terrified at first because I am not a huge fan anymore of dropping at a rapid rate (I used to love roller coasters, but I have found that they don't agree with my very well these days!).  Although I flew down the ziplines, I felt very secure in my harness.  I am definitely looking forward to finding a new location to go ziplining-I hear there is a place in Colorado that is amazing.
On the trip, we also got to meet my sister Heather's first boyfriend.  He is also attending BYU. Later, our family enjoyed a picnic and fun evening at Bridal Veil falls.  The water was FREEZING and I had to borrow my sister in laws sandals to walk in the water up to the falls area where we took this picture.  It didn't help that the rocks were razor sharp. 

Friday we spent at Lagoon Amusement park and David's cousin Ben and his wife Megan were super sweet to watch Easton part of the day so that we could go on some rides together.  Saturday we spent at my mom's family reunion.  The Idaho Falls fire department/bagpipe brigade performed for us since our family is of Scottish descent.
Saturday evening we enjoyed visiting David's cousin Suzanne and her kids.  We went to the Splash Park in Rexburg for a short period and decided the water was too cold!  It was so fun to catch up with Suzanne.  We definitely miss the Rexburg cousins!
Sunday morning, we were fortunate to have David's cousin Kate (who also lives in Rexburg) take our pictures for us.  David and I stayed up until midnight chatting with Suzanne the night before and Kate was  at a wedding taking pictures until slightly after midnight.  We had to wake up around 4:30 (before sunrise) to take pictures, so we were all super tired.  Bless Kate for even being willing to take our pictures with having such little sleep!  Here are some pictures Kate took for us.

Sunday we spent driving home and visiting the Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Salt Lake Temples.  We walked around Temple Square and took a tour of the Beehive House where Brigham Young used to live.  So fascinating seeing the way people lived in the 1800's.

 Sunday morning, (backtracking), David and I were sleeping and he woke asking what the buzzing noise in our cabin was.  I looked at my phone thinking it was vibrating, but it wasn't.  I pulled my fleece sleeping bag over my head, telling him it was nothing and tried to go back to sleep.  Well I started hearing the buzzing noise and it was right by my head.  By then, I had to go to the restroom and I figured I would just go shower. When we started packing our things up, David was like "I wonder what the buzzing noise was".  So he checked my fleece sleeping bag, and said "Oh my gosh, it's a live wasp".  I thank my lucky stars that neither of us were stung.  I think originally, the wasp was by David's head and eventually the thing made it's way into my sleeping bag-YIKES!
 Late Sunday afternoon, we arrived in Kanab and stopped for a delicious lunch at a smalle cafe called "The Three Bears". It was a small family owned cafe.  We stopped to take Easton's picture on top of the three bears pole.  We enjoyed a gigantic ice cream rocky road/mint chocolate chip ice cream cone from the cafe while we continued our journey home.
 All in all we had a great trip and got to enjoy the beauty that Utah, Idaho, and Northern Arizona holds with its vast farmlands and lush forests.  It got into the upper 90's everyday but cooled off at night.  We were happy to get home.