Thursday, January 28, 2010

Its the end of January...

And I apologize for neglecting my blog. Since school has started, I am rarely home and when I am home, all i want to do if veg-out and watch t.v. This semester is pretty much the last full semester before I graduate and it is the climax of everything. I am taking a class Monday-Wednesday-Friday for three hours each night, working in the schools 35 hours a week, working at Save the Family TUesday nights, babysitting every Friday night, and cleaning/doing laundry every Saturday..meanwhile my apartment continues to fall apart and we're still trying to find a house. We are putting another offer in on a house tonight and hope things work out because we're tired of searching along with everything else that has to be done. Wish us luck!

On a fun note, my wonderful sister in law is so talented and last years christmas she made me a stocking. She has made stockings for everyone in her family as well as her parents and I thought what a great idea! So i ordered one that I wanted to make for my mom (figured i'd start with her as she's had the junkiest stocking the longest and i knew just what stocking i wanted to make)...this one:

You see, my mom makes a few HUNDRED dozen of cookies every Christmas time and sells them to her customers. So when I think of Christmas and her, I think of the 4a.m.-1:ooa.m(the next day) hours that she does for about three weeks in December. When i opened the stocking kit i was pretty shocked at how much there was to do. I should have known that I have never even completed a cross-stitch kit, let alone a stocking kit. Sure hope I get help on this (hint hint Fawn :))

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weddings and Blackouts oh my!

Life has certainly not been dull over the last few weeks as school has started again, or atleast the elementary through high schools where I work. My first day back I realized just how much I missed being busy ALL day i mean literally working from 7:15-7:30p.m. I am crazy for wanting to stop my break early...i know.

About two weeks ago my sister in law Natalia got married and is now living up in Utah! Finally some sane relatives we can go visit up there and enjoy lots of wonderful trips to the quilted bear (a store filled with adorable home decorations in Provo). Here are some pictures from the wedding:
David with our niece Hailey...who has certainly acquired a piratey smile :)

Above: Rhys and Natalia leaving the building to start their honeymoon ;)

Below: the lady who designed the flowers and boquets professionally said that this cake is estimated to be around 2,000$. It was made by Fawn (my sister in law, brides sister) who has never made a fancy cake like this before. She is amazing needless to say.

Natalia with all of our adorable

First Kiss as Husband and Wife

An another interesting note, last Tuesday I went to an ENT clinic in Mesa to do some voice evaluations where my supervisors sticks a camera down the throat of patients to look at their vocal folds and get pictures which the ENT doctor then diagnosis what the problem is. Mind you this is my fourth or fifth time going to this office and nothing grosses me out. The third patient came in with her family and I was in the doctors room with them, the doctor, my supervisor, and my friend who was another student clinician. I was leaning my back against the wall with my legs straight out (so i looked like a triangle) and listening to the docs feedback. After a few minutes the room started getting a darker tint and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me with the weird lighting and warm temperature in the room. The room kept getting a darker blood red color and almost black and I thought to myself "I should go step out of the room and walk around...this is weird". I then thought "nah, you would look silly...your eyes have played tricks before (although never gotten this dark in a room) will be fine). The next thing I remember is my left cheek hurting a lot and me lying on the floor in a crumpled position with the doctor in front of my face asking if I was alright. SO EMBARRASING, right? So i was escorted to another room and drank some juice. First time passing out ever and it was the strangest feeling. I do have high blood pressure issues but this has been dealt with by medication. Only other conclusion I can draw with the help of others was that my legs were locked to long. Because I didn't know I was blacking out, as it had never happened before, I didn't know that I should have acted on that first thought to get up and walk around. My elbow was really bruised and still hurts and the back of my right need where i think the blood supply was cut off continues to throb and hurt. Hopefully there isn't a blockage forming there and thats whats been causing my high blood pressure!

Just thought i'd share a tidbit of my interesting last few weeks :)