Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day Weekend, David and I spent lots of time helping my parents move furniture from the walls and paint their bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen we painted a light sage green on one wall and then my mom wanted a light purple for her bathroom. All in all, everything turned out beautifully. Our muscles were sore and we were tired from stretching for so long but I decided that the pain is well worth it if I can tone my belly and bootie!

On top of painting, I decided that I was too "gold". For those of you who have taken the "True Colors" test you will understand that a person who is gold is very VERY time organized and really hopes that others around him/her are as well. They expect others to follow rules and they try to make their homes "homemaker-ish"...nurturing and teaching their children good values. Also, they really want to have a little orange (adventurous and spontaneous) but they don't know how to. So using all the strength I could muster, I decided that I wanted to go hiking. David, Sharilyn, and myself hiked a moderate-easy hike at South Mountain on Monday and you can see that by the end of our journey, we were ready for a hearty energizing meal! :)
1: Preparing for the battle(are we going to cruise like the girl behind us? Hmm maybe not)
#2: Don't look too much at my scary morning face, the make-ups not on yet :)

#3: I've decided that Sharilyn is just too dang cute! And so is David, of course ;)

#4: Pioneer Children sang as they walked......and walked....and walked....and walked...

#5: After the hike pose: Can you tell we're tired?? (Ok, so maybe we over-dramatized just a little)

Creme Broule!!

I'm sorry i'm behind again...I will probably produce two posts today just because there are so many pictures. David and I decided to experiment with food and make creme broule for the first time. We got a kit for our wedding and I thought "how silly....i'm never going to use this!" Anyways, we tried it and it was absolutely delicious. We added strawberries and sugar to the top and for those who haven't had it, the texture is like a warm must try it!

I will post pictures below of our creation. Right before school started, (several months before) I started getting so excited about food and creating wonderful meals like I have seen so many talented ladies do on their recipe blogs. I wanted to make wholesome meals and a variety of them and it was so fun to experiment. School has taken over my life so the cooking frenzy is sadly on hold until I have a little more time. For any of you who have some yummy recipes please feel free to send them to me. I'm ALWAYS looking for ways add to my recipe collection!

Picture #1:

Picture #2: With strawberries added!