Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

David and I got to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving and family reunion with his family the last three days. While I enjoyed the time we spent together, I am also grateful it is passed, because I have come home every night ready to drop around 8p.m. (horrible huh ;)). Thanksgiving morning we ran the 2 mile turkey trot at Red Mountain Park, me pulling David to go rather than play football at his uncle Kelly's. Neither of us have really run a whole lot since we've been married, but it is a tradition that several members of my family have done every was nice and cloudy outside, fresh rain had fallen...and so...we had to go!

I'm sad to say it took us 25:00minutes to run two miles and I'm sure david would have gotten done quicker but I had two cramps almost the whole time and made him stop every so often for a breather. The rest of the Thanksgiving was spent with his family doing a gigantic obstacle course, paintballing, a family talent show, and lots of yummy lunches. Several of you guys (like Crystal Lily said) went to the reunion so I will leave it at that. I will hopefully get some more pictures from family members that were taken at the reunion and post them. But for now, enjoy some of our Turkey Trot pictures. I am proud of us even though we took so long to get done---we finished! Our goal is to get in shape this next year and take better care of our bodies.
***Update: We have already purchased tickets to the Nutcracker and are going Saturday December 20th, 7:30p.m. at the Mesa Arts Center. Any one who wants to can join us (perhaps we can meet for dinner prior to the performance if you guys want to). Tickets again are between 8$-26$. We got the 14$ tickets. Let us know if you decide to go that night so we can meet up :) Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kiara hanging out with Uncle David

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Elders Quorum Party

Yesterday David and I had the opportunity to go to his mom's ward's Elders Quorum Party where they fixed ribs and other yummy foods. Here are some pictures taken by David's uncle. Try not to be too jealous ;)

On the other hand, I have never seen "The Nutcracker" before and we are so incredibly excited because we found some relatively cheap tickets to performances at the Mesa Arts Center as well as the Chandler Center for the Arts (8$-24$). Anyone who wants to join us is welcome...we're thinking Saturday the 29th of November or Saturday the 20th of December.

Monday, November 10, 2008

So....Saturday, I spent the afternoon doing some early Christmas shopping and babysitting until 10p.m. Came home and slept a long long time. Apparently David turned off my alarm in the morning which was set for 7 and around 8:15, I thought to myself, wow i've been sleeping forever...looked at the alarm clock and flipped out because I only had 30 minutes (nearly impossible) to get ready and I had NEVER heard the alarm go off. Church was absolutely wonderful, had a return missionary speak that was so "with it". By that I mean that he carried an amazing spirit with him and the way he worded things was amazing.

Later that evening, I went to my parents house with david and we made carmel popcorn balls which were extremely delicious (sorry for lack of pictures, batteries in camera aren't working). David taught my little brother battleship, and as always, I think David won with little Kyle not too far behind.

And....after battling a sore throat all weekend my mom and david made me go to the doctors (even though I feel SO much better) today. I tested negative for strep throat but still have these(DON"T GET GROSSED OUT) white patches covering my tonsils like bread got stuck all over them. Doctor said to take good old amoxicillin even though I am getting better to reduce a future occurence of a bacterial infection (he thinks I have viral right now). I feel nearly back to normal even without drugs but I want my tonsils to get rid of the nasty white stuff. Anyways, now that you have had several nice details.... :) Want to wish everyone a most wonderful week!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Hello all! Sorry i'm a little late on posting Halloween pictures, but I was waiting on my brother to post them to his website as I forgot my Camera most of the night. Thank you Chris :)

Halloween this year wasn't what I had wanted it to be, largely because I hadn't had anything I could really dress up as and all the costumes I found were much to skanky for my liking. Therefore, the day before Halloween I decided I would be "Bella" from twilight (hence my "team edward shirt" that I made). I tried to search for a bracelet that Bella got from her two admirers with a wolf and crystal heart charm---but to no avail. I decided next year that David and I are going to plan ahead and be something very cute---who knows, maybe I will be Giselle from the disney movie "Enchanted!". Hope you enjoy pictures of my family below....
Me and my sexy vampire husband with our niece Kiara

Above is our niece Kiara who was dressed as a turtle (great job Jessica on the making the outfit!)

Below is little Hailey dressed as a pumpkin.

Nikki, Karen, Hailey and Fawn (the pumpkin guts! :))