Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This weekend has been a long awaited, VERY much needed one. I feel so burnt out from school and work and school and work etc etc. Part of me dreaded Thanksgiving this year for one reason: I knew my husband was leaving with his dad and brother to go elk hunting and there was a large possibility that they wouldn't return until Monday if they hadn't caught an elk. I hate being home alone at night, and 4-5 days of that wasn't all that appealing. I kept my fingers crossed and I know others did too that they would come back the next day (friday) and they did!
On Friday I got a text from my mother in law saying that they had shot a 6 point bull (male) elk, and aside from the great deals I got during black friday, that was the best news i'd heard ALL day. The boys returned around 1a.m. and have 350lbs of meat waiting for them. Here are some of their victory photos:

As you can see, even the elk was so happy it was able to offer itself for sustenance that it stuck its tongue out! Great job boys!
Thanksgiving itself was great.....enjoyed a wonderful meal at my inlaws house and got to eat some yummy pumpkin pie at my mom's house.
I got up with my sister at 4a.m. to go black friday shopping and there was one gift I wanted SO badly at Walmart and a lady snatched the last kind of what i wanted literally 10 seconds before I got there. I was a little distraught and there were SO many people in Walmart that i was frustrated and ready to leave. Luckily, my mom was at a nearby Walmart and was able to snatch exactly one of what I wanted-thanks for saving the day mom! I would say what I got but "Santa" is giving us this gift and incase my husband decides to read our blog, I don't want him to find out. Needless to say our black friday wasn't as productive as we thought it would be, but still had a great time enjoying the early morning tradition.
Finals are coming up between now and the next three weeks. One class I am especially concerned about passing (getting a B) and if i can't pass this, I will have to retake the class next year, and won't be able to graduate this summer as I had planned. Please keep me in your prayers! Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas things and Phantom Sings

So this weekend was a fairly eventful one. My sister-in-law Natalia had her bridal shower and it was so fun to see all the cousins, aunts, and new babies that everyone had. Congratulations Natalia!

We also went with David's brother and his wife Sarah along with his parents to the Texas Roadhouse (steakhouse) for dinner before the play. I haven't been to Texas Roadhouse since I was in 9th or 10th grade with my friend Sharianna.....and my goodness, i have been missing out! They had so many things to choose from on their menu and the food was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately the restaurant took so long to bring out our meal that we had to inhale it and leave half of it with Ryan and Sarah to take home.

David's dad surprised his mom about going to texas roadhouse and she also had no idea that she was going to see Phantom. The play was fairly good, just not as good as i had expected, especially compared to Wicked. The music was so quiet that you couldn't feel the power behind the singers voices. Towards the end of the play, my legs decided to uncontrollably spasm...for like the last 20 minutes of the play. David said 'stop doing that' and i told him i couldn't was really weird as my legs have never done that before. Hopefully i don't have a clot or something in my leg (the thing thats making my bloodpressure spike) legs have been completely numb also one other night this week as i was watching t.v., and again, that has never happened before. Anyways...on to more fun stuff.

I have spent way more this week than i should have, but I was so excited to get my christmas decorations up to enjoy the spirit of christmas a little longer (plus i need a place to put all the presents i have gotten already). Here are a few pictures of the decorations i bought at Hobby Lobby (kind of like a Michaels craft store, but half of the store is just seasonal decorations that are Adorable). I can't wait for Christmas this year, and I know of so many who are in need financially this year. I know my own family has and continues to struggle financially. I am looking forward to finding a way to spread a little christmas magic to them and hopefully another family who i know does not have a job. I am so grateful right now for all that we have. We still live in our tiny apartment, but we have jobs and we are still able to put food on the table and have a little fun by going out to play and getting fun decorations. I hope and pray that there will be many this season who are extra willing to give, as so many people have nothing. I know there have been angels in my family's life, so many times when people have left christmas presents and christmas trees with money on it, and many other miracles on our doorstep when we had so little. I think the Savior himself would want us to reach out to these families and show them his love by doing service.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nothing too exciting happened during these very quick week. I found out that I should be able to graduate at the end of this upcoming June (although technically I was supposed to graduate a year after that). I am taking several extra courses so that I will not have to pay more tuition (as they are raising the rates again), more 300$ parking spaces, and mostly so that I can have time to be more of a wife and concentrate on starting a family and putting together a home. Yes, David and I have decided to start trying to have a family next year, along with trying to purchase a home and graduate. I may not be home for the first six months of the year, but after that I will be a little more available.

We are very excited to go see Phantom of the Opera next weekend and it will also be my sister-in-laws bridal shower...and lots and lots of shopping :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween of Course ;)

So here is a picture of all the haunted house crew who helped design, set up, or simply were actors (like myself :)). I am the one on the front row kneeling in a nurses suit. I know its a pretty tiny picture.For Halloween this year we went to David's paren'ts ward party where they had hot dogs, nachos, and ice cream we got to see all of our cute nieces and yes, nephews with a plural /s/. Two of the boys were born about a month ago. Later in the evening we got to watch young Frankenstein while David's sweet mom roasted some chicken, made salad, and rice-a-roni, even as tired as she was! Here are some pictures from the evening: