Thursday, May 6, 2010

Funerals and Family

This past week has definitely been a whirlwind and I feel as though I can't keep my feet on the ground! To start, two Saturdays ago, my grandma Johnson passed away. She had been in pain for the last several months due to a fall she had back in December. She just couldn't get better. It's been really hard to grasp the concept of her being gone when the last time I had seen her back in December.....she was perfect spry, walking, healthy and had normal cognition. But she is in a better place and after 25 years of being alone, she can finally be united with her sweetheart. We will miss you grandma! How grateful we are that families can be together forever!

On the same day, three of my aunts from Washington, Oregon, and Montana and an uncle from Utah came down to celebrate my Grandma Munro's (mom's mom) 80th birthday. The three days they were here were filled with uncontrollable laughter and late nights. We as a family went to Rockin' R Ranch Saturday night. The atmosphere and gold panning were so fun (David found the jackpot gold rock!), but the dinner and entertainment were very weak and disappointing. My husband said that things were SO much better years ago there. Here are some fun pictures we took though.

My mom with her sisters, brother, and Aunt

He proposed!!!! At a little church even!

Could be niece be any cuter!?!

And this week of course, schools are getting our for the summer and next week I begin summer school again! But these are the last two classes I will ever take and boy does it feel good! (Doing the happy Dance!)

We have finally moved into our house and are experiencing the joys and sorrow of being homeowners, especially for the first time :) The day after we moved in, my husband went to turn the water valve off so that we could fix the kitchen sink (we were told we shouldn't use it until we got it fixed), and the valve broke off. 24 hours later with no running water and 6 trips to Lowe's for wrong parts, we had a new kitchen faucet and running water. David sprayed our weed infested yard twice with bug spray and now almost two weeks later, the weeds are shriveling up. David spent the last few days painting our computer room, and after he finished, he told me to do the baseboards. I was home alone and went in the room to search for tape when all of a sudden a scorpion (mind you i've NEVER lived in a place with scorpions before and have aweful nightmares when i see bugs of any kind), started crawling across the bedroom floor. I freaked out, found the nearest smashing tool (in this case it was a hammer) bent down over the thing and whacked it. The body disappeared for a while and it was only with a blacklight later that I found the dead body under a ball of tape in the room. Don't know where the thing came from and I am praying we don't see anymore for a long long time.

I am wrapping up my second to last semester and am walking for graduation next Friday! I will finish my masters degree in speech therapy at the end of June.