Sunday, September 19, 2010

Speaking of ghosts....

My Grandma Munro (my mom's mother) has been put in hospice and is staying at my mom's house since getting out of the ICU a week ago. My mom came in to Grandma's bedroom earlier this week and my grandma was just staring out of her bedroom window with this weird look. Their conversation went something like this:
Mom: What are you looking at?

Grandma: Mama (who passed away years ago)

Mom: What do you mean? Is she in this room?

Grandma: Yes

Mom: (thinking oh man, they are coming to take her away)

Why do you look scared? Are you afraid of dying?

Grandma: Yes

Mom: Don't worry mom...there are people on the otherside who love you and will take care of you.

Interestingly, my mom and her siblings as well as my Grandma Munro have always had a gift to see those who have passed on. My mom is not sure why this is....but perhaps for some of her family members, she thinks this is the only way they will listen to important messages (messages that would have little effect coming from the living)or be comforted from the loss of loved ones. My whole life I have been terrified of seeing something (Especially since my older sister saw my grandpa who had passed on, when we were little girls. We had shared a room when she saw him) , so I am really silly, but as soon as I get into bed and its all dark, I quickly shut my eyes. I have done this for as long as I can remember. I always wonder why I have never seen anything, but perhaps I am not meant to. Have you or any of your family had experiences like this?

On another lighter, non-Halloweeny note :) ....David and his brother went fishing really late last night and just before they were going to leave, David caught this gigantic fish. Yay for him! (I'm just glad he didn't bring it home for me to cook-I can't stand the smell of or eating fish)

Monday, September 13, 2010


Dream #1: Now that I have a house, I have been dreaming up with numerous ideas as to how I want to decorate it. My next task is painting my living room and kitchen...but this is no easy task because colors must coordinate. I thought about painting my living room a soft bamboo yellow and the hallway a cherry red. But you can see my kitchen from the living room so the kitchen color must coordinate with the other colors. I love sage green or red (for the kitchen) but do not want christmas colors. I am a little frustrated and not sure what colors to do anymore-so for now, I am simply not doing anything. Any ideas would be welcome :) If I had a bigger kitchen, my decorating would look something like this:

Dream #2: You must know that since I have married my husband, I have done crazy wierd things in my sleep. I know it all started after I got married because I shared a bedrooms with 1-3 of my sisters my entire life and they never once said I did/said anything strange in my sleep. David says I often sit up really quick in bed and point to something at the ceiling and say "look"--and this really freaks him out because he things I see someone/something in the room. He has also said that I have gotten up, walked to the couch (while he follows me to see what i do), sat down for a second, gotten back up and headed straight back to bed.

So this morning, my husband says "Do you know what you did last night" and I said "no". (David has learned that he should try to converse with me to see if I say anything good or if I will respond to him). This is what he said our conversation was in the middle of the night, while I am dead asleep.

Me: (sitting up really fast) "Honey, what are we doing? We can't get all the objects"

David: "Ok, we'll only get the good ones"

Me: (lays down on David's chest) "Which ones?"

David: (Playing along) "We'll get the triangles and the squares and the circles..."

Me: (Falls asleep without another word)

**sigh**what I would give to actually see what I do, because I never remember saying or doing these things. I never even remember when I've gotten up or walked around-this part scares me.