Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good News!!!

No, I am not pregnant ;) I wish I would have had my camera tonight, but sadly I forgot it in the rush to get out the door. Tonight was my littlest sisters city championship meet. She has been swimming competitively since she was about 6 years old and now swims during the summer on the Poston Swim Team as well as in the fall for the Mountain View Team. She has been working really hard for so many years and lately (i just found out) has been reading many books on how to perfect her strokes based off of the way Olympians swim.

She has had numerous swim meets this year and was able to win a high enough place in each won to make it to the championship tonight. Anyways, Heather won third place in the IM stroke out of all the city (8 laps of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle), fourth place in freestyle, and 1 PLACE BREASTROKE!!!! First place in her age group out of the entire city!! Go Heather!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth

On Friday, I did my usual babysitting after work. MY supervisor who I babysit for has had me watching her little girl for the last 3+ years and it has been so much fun to see her daughter grow up. Anyways, her and her husband informed me that they were going to see "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in 3D and that they wouldn't get home until 10:45. When they got home, they said the movie had been really good and that the special affects were really worth seeing. When I got home, I told David what they said about the movie and he thought it was a cool idea to see a 3D movie so he suggested we go see it over the next week.

Saturday came and he texted me at work saying he really wanted to go see the movie-TONIGHT! So we went to Rubio's for dinner (since I was tired of being rushed to fix meals all way-you mom's know what i'm talking about!) and then arrived an hour early at the movie theater. It was a good thing because a line had already started we waited...and waited...and waited.

The movie started and said to put on our 3D glasses-some of the scenes made my eyes go kind of crazy because of the way the 3D was done so close up. Anyways, sitting behind us again (see last post) were two men with big bellies. We took a picture with David's cell phone but can't figure out how to download it. One of the men looked like our mechanic "Robert" who has a scruffy long beard, a big belly, and looks like a biker dude. In the middle of the movie, a scene plays where the three main characters are on a ship in an ocean in the center of the earth and these aweful looking fish with razor-sharp long teeth jump onto the boat and they are HUGE! Couldn't find a picture on google, sorry.

Somehow the teenage boy Sean gets seperated and lands on an island...and before we know if the camera jumps to showing one of the evil looking fish and it scared the whole audience, but as soon as the fish popped up, the biker guy said "Ah!! D*mn it!" and the whole audience including David and I died laughing. You could hear his voice above everyone else and he sounded terrified; it shocked the biker guy so bad that he said the "D" word. (One of those hilarious had to been there moments). He sounded more scared than the little kids.

Anyways, I recommend the movie in 3D to all :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who would have thought!!?

My brother called me up last Thursday to see if we wanted to go to a Phoenix Mercury game (his thank you gift for feeding his dog while they went out of town several times). I had never been to a game before nor had I ever heard of anyone else going to a Mercury game so I kind of dragged my feet, said thanks, and we went. I was so amazed at how active and lively the crowd was. The Mercury had their own hip-hop team which came out several times during the game to perform-how fun that was!!! ( I told David I wanted to dance like that!).

As you can see, we had a man behind us with a rather large belly---but him and his friend were both very knowledgeable about the Mercury so we got to listen to some stats about the team while we were there.

The Mercury played the New York Liberty and were behind them point wise nearly 10 points the entire game
Towards the end of the fourth quarter, the score closed in to 8 pts. difference and then 6 pts, but unfortunately we lost. Needless to say, we had a really fun time and even enjoyed a yummy mint brownie cold stone treat while we were there AND won free state farm water bottles because our section yelled "FARM" louder than the section that yelled "STATE" :) We were both excited to win something!