Monday, July 26, 2010

The month of July so far....

I know I am behind again but here we go...
This fourth of July I wanted to be more relaxed than it has been the last couple of years. No big multiple family get togethers-just my small family. ***Note***Don't get me wrong, I love big family get togethers but on a holiday like this where a significant meaning is attached, I just wanted quiet and time to reflect on our freedoms...after all, this is WHY we have Independance Day. We went to my brother's house where we grilled shis-kabobs. Afterwards, we went down to the City of Mesa fourth of july celebration to watch fireworks and view a small presentation about our nation's freedom that included a photo of my father-in-law. He went down to California several months ago to take pictures for a photographer who was trying to capture photos of the founding fathers...signing the declaration of independance. Here is the picture my father in law was in (he is the second one from the right), and following are pictures from our fourth of july celebration:

We even got mom and dad Bunzell (David's parents) to come see fireworks with us too! (And they also came to see the presentation that David's dad was in) So happy they came!
I am so grateful to live in this free land! On to the next news, my husband and his sister have been trying to get in shape so that they can hike Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon next month with my brother and sister-in-law. As part of their "training" this week, they decided to do a small hike up to the WindCaves. I didn't go because 1. I am not fond of hiking 2. It's summer and rattlesnakes are out-no thank you :) 3. A 4:30a.m. hike to beat the 115 degree July weather is not my idea of fun. Here is a picture from their outing.

And lastly...this past week we have had so much fun enjoying the lightening storms and monsoon season. I got to play ultimate frisbee with my husband and his family (although i'm not much good at all, it was good exercise). Later in the week, my husband's uncle's field (where we play frisbee) flooded with irrigation so some single's ward friends and family members played ultimate frisbee in the irrigation. I was the photographer :) Here are some action shots-sorry for the poor quality, camera isn't that great.