Sunday, December 27, 2009


The choice game for this evening was LIFE which David and I have never played together-and boy was the whole game hilarious. David chose to start the career path immediately (which you only get to choose lower paying careers). The first card David drew was a 30,000$ salary, and moments later, he landed on a "change career" spot. He was overjoyed at the thought of drawing a higher paying salary card and he said "wow, things couldn't get any better", but i laughed and said that would be so funny if you drew 20,000$ (the lowest paying amount) which he immediately picked up the 20,000$ card and we both laughed hysterically.

I however, the college girl that I am, proceeded to pick out (without looking) the lawyer card which makes 90,000$ (the second highest paying card you could get). I ended up only getting one baby along the way, and I bought the highest priced house for 800,000$. I maybe landed on 2 spots where I had to pay something and had three lawsuits in a row to which David owed me 100,000$ each time.
Lesson: Go to college! :)

The game was so funny as everything we landed on was so stereotypical of life with the paths we chose. David ended up only 40,000$ less than me in the end which was pretty good. Here are some pictures from our night :)
Notice all my 100,000 dollar bills (yellow)

Notice David's stack of loanes and little cash

These are a few of my favorite things

Christmas, as usual, was wonderful. I got many presents that I don't feel like I deserved. My wonderful mother bought me a sewing machine. When I was around 8 years old, my mom had me take sewing lessons from a lady down the street, and I learned how to sew jumpers, and all kinds of clothes. Since then, i've made shams and a quilt but little else and I have seen how so many people my age have sewed their own curtains, baby bedding, and quilts. Given that I once had sewing lessons, i feel like i'm able to do the very basic things and so I asked for a sewing machine, totally not expecting it. Thanks mom! I will definitely put the machine to use, especially as I move into a house in the next few months and try to personalize my house.
My sweet David got me a nice saute teflon pan (since our other once was getting so scratched up and we were probably eating flakes of poison), a beautiful rotating spice rack, swaroski crystal necklace and with his brother an ipod (to name some of the things).

David got a 26 piece knife set (since our knives that we "borrowed" from his moms house after we first got married are so dull that they work about the same as a butter knife....needless to say, we really needed knives), a paintball mask, glove, and computer chair.

We spent the morning opening presents with my siblings and then spent the late afternoon and evening at David's parents house with his siblings and their kids.

Thursday (Christmas Eve), we spent the day up near strawberry/payson, enjoying the abundance of snow that was up there due to a major storm they had two days prior. We loaded up trucks of snow to suprise David's brother's family with their six kids, and built a snowman and snow slide for the kids. We spent a little time going sledding but this year, was somewhat disappointing as all of the areas we usually sled at were closed off. It was so wonderful to be out in the forest with such clear air, and to see the beauty of Arizona outside the dirt hills and cacti. Thanks Dad Bunzell for throwing the trip together.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sorry its been so long since my last post, haven't had much besides finals, finals, and more finals going on :) David takes his last one on Tuesday and I take my last one on Wednesday and am definitely looking forward to that.

This past sunday some of my inlaws got together and we made cakeballs and little candies that you make with melted rolos, pretzels, and pecans (if you want the recipe, let me know). Both things were so easy to make and turned out delicious!

The housing search continues to be frustrating as we've been dealing with a good broker but a realtor who has been taking an abundance of time getting back to us. We are praying that the timing will fall into place as we don't need to be out until the end of march but must purchase a home before the end of april to get in on the tax credit.

Lastly, I want to mention how grateful I am for my calling in nursery. This was a really tough change for me to leave the kids in the 13-14 year old sunday school class who I grew to love immensly. But it has been so fun to be with the little ones, to see their love for learning and the energy that I wish I had :) They are the ones that have been away from heaven for the shortest amount of time and you can't but help love their quick to forgive abilities. I guess Heavenly Father knows we all need changes, as much as we don't want them. He knows that we need help from these little ones to soften our nature, as much as they need us for food, love, warmth and shelter.