Sunday, October 17, 2010

Painting, Painting, and more Painting!

This Fall Break, we had thought of doing a variety of things. We desperately wanted to have a vacation (as we haven't been anywhere outside of the East Valley in a year and a half), and head out East to New York/Vermont/Maine area. We looked at tickets at the end of August and a week later checked again and they had gone up over 100$, way too expensive. I have been dying to see the New England area during the Fall, and vow I will get there someday!

So instead, we decided to paint our living room and kitchen (which is about half of our house area wise). The kitchen we painted a cranberry red and the rest of the living room area/hallway was painted yellow. After about a day, we decided the entire living looked way to washed out (we were used to having a darker orange/brown living room, so yellow was a stark contrast) we took our leftover paint and had the Lowe's guy try to add a little of this and that to try to change it into a greenish sage color so that we wouldn't have to buy another gallon. We ended up with a greenish/blue color which we LOVE! Here are the before pictures:

Here are the after pictures: (we are still trying to get used to the stark changes in color)

We are SO glad we are finished with the painting for awhile. Here are a few pictures of a farm we visited over the break with my family....

Monday, October 4, 2010

When life throws ya lemons...

This weekend was quite the letdown for both David and I. You see for all the year since we've been married and some before, David has wanted to become a Physician's Assistant. So he applied to the only Arizona schools that offered such a program. On Sunday, I collected the mail and ran in the house excitedly screaming to David that a letter from A.T. Still had arrived. We read the letter and our hearts sank as we read that he did not get an interview. It's just crazy how many people are applying for PA school this year. David finds a new classmate who is applying just about everyweek.So after 4 years of college....what next. He will try to find a job doing something in the medical field (entry level) and try to build up some experience and then re-apply. And next time, he will apply out of state.

You must understand that I truly truly despise change. I don't want to be away from my family. I don't want to have to rely on the faith that I would get a job in another state (having to go through trying to get another Speech Therapist license) or try to find a babysitter that I could trust once we start having kids. I-Am-Worried. And then there is my amazing house that David and I worked so long to get. It would have to be sold or rented out.

It's funny that just when you feel life is going great and smooth, a lemon gets thrown at you. And it doesn't feel great. So we've decided to take those lemons and throw them back at life. We are going to move forward and trust that as this one door has closed, others will open to bigger and better things.