Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's April!

Time to do my once a month blog posting :)  At the beginning of this month, our family enjoyed watching General Conference at my brother Chris' home.  The week after, my two brothers and David loaded up our small Corolla and headed to California.  My littlest brother Kyle was turning the big "10" and had never been on a roller coaster before.  My oldest brother Chris decided to suprise him with a trip to Six Flags.  The boys enjoyed the cool California air.  Kyle initially was freaked out by the roller coasters and by the end of the day, decided they weren't so bad after all.  Upon returning to the parking lot, the boys discovered that some jerk had backed into our car, leaving a nice dent on the side of the car and a shattered side view mirror on the ground.  Did I mention he also left a scratch?  As soon as the boys returned to AZ, it was time to rush to Grandma and Grandpa Bunzell's house for our Sunday Easter festivities.  While backing out of the garage, David refused to tell me what was on his mind.  He just said "don't look in any mirrors"-which naturally I did anyways.  I saw that the car he took to California was not my beautiful black Corolla anymore.  We took it to a nearby auto body shop and they estimated repair costs to be 1400$.  We have to pay 750$ as our deductible if we want insurance to pick up the extra fees. Ouch!

Strawberry season is now in full swing and I decided to take advantage of the 2/1.00 packages at the farmers market.  I also picked up some squash, apples, and a HUGE bag of tomatoes.  Total cost=7.20$  I was quite pleased with my purchase.  I ended up making baby food for Easton, 11 jars of strawberry freezer jam, salsa, and will be using the rest of the tomatoes for pasta salad and hamburgers this week.  Yum!

David's dad has been working on promoting his Jackalopes Archery Tag business.  As such, David's cousin Kristi was so kind and generous and came over this past week to take pictures of "the boys" in their camo outfits. Thank you Kristi! I think I've got a good lookin' group of boys in my family.  What do you think?

This week, David started trying to gather letters of recommendation, typing a letter of intent, and trying to decide which Physician Assistant programs to apply to again this year.  Last year he had no patient contact hours, which I think is the reason he did not get accepted.  Since January of this year, however, he has accumulated several hundred hours working as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  I just pray that this will be the final thing he needed to get in.  Arizona only has two PA schools and I am terrified of going out of state. More so for having to put Easton with some stranger while I work to support our family.  We have been so incredibly blessed to have mine and David's mothers watching him for us.  In the end, we will go where David gets accepted-otherwise, we don't move forward with career goals.  May the odds be ever in our favor this year.  Wish us luck this round!

As the school year comes to a close (can you believe it??? Only 5 more weeks!), there are many events we are looking forward to.  Two of my best friends are graduating with their doctorates!  Yes, the soon to be Dr. Melissa Galbraith, Au.D and Dr. Julie Pena M.D. will be graduating this May.

David's little sister Sharilyn will be graduating high school (the last graduate in his family).....Gorgeous isn't she?

......and my great Aunt Karen is getting remarried!  Hopefully more pictures to come.  Congrats to my wonderful family and friends for their accomplishments!