Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the search goes on.....

and on and on.....Exhibit#3:

So to update on our house search....we put an offer on another house 2 weeks ago, got accepted went through the inspection and the house had termites, roof needed replacing, ac unit wouldn't start up etc etc. And we had thought that after all the houses we looked at that this one was pretty amazing. New paint, clean, nothing visibly broken. Well the inspector proved that wrong and i'm so grateful we had him. And so, this morning we put another offer in for the house pictured above. It is way out on Crismon/University and quite the distance from where any of our families live. But I have learned that if you put in an offer around the parts of town we want to be in for the price we can afford, you end up with older houses that need some fixin. This house above was built in 98 and so i'm HOPING that no roof repairs or crazy fixups will be needed. Its got a nice little build in seats and fireplace in the backyard and the freeway is close enough that the distance shouldn't be too bad.

David said that he wished we would have never looked at house#2 and put an offer and wasted money on an inspector, and although I wish we could have saved the money, i definitely learned quite a bit. Looking at things with a naked eye is only a fraction of a houses story.

For valentines day this year, we were bums and went to see Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. I just finished the fifth and last book this morning and David finished last week, so we were both excited to see how the movie of the first book played out. They completely changed the plot and took out a lot of the story ( I guess thats to be expected with how much was loaded into the book). My sweet David also suprised me with red roses yesterday morning and a box of chocolates and then this morning I found some white roses added to the group. Valentines Day with David has been so neat every year....he is always suprising me! Our first valentines day three years ago, he unexpectedly proposed to me. The second Valentines Day we ate at Cafe Rio and did taxes (ok, so that wasn't the coolest). The third Valentines day we went out to dinner, came home and i discovered balloons and heart all over our room. This year i was suprised with some chocolates and roses! Sorry for no pictures of valentines day!