Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day

I had been planning what I what do this year for David on Valentines Day for at least a month. Every year David has done something really sweet and special for me and I well....I haven't done anything, i'm lame I know. Two years ago on V-Day, unknowlingly David suprised me with a proposal to marry him and of course I said yes. This night before he gave me a gift card to get a manicure and I was sad because I thought I had figured out that he would propose to me due to some hints from his family---so I guessed I was wrong. He took me on a picnic to the temple on the 14th, read me to amazing poems and knelt on one knee.

Last year, I came home from work and there was a trail of little paper hearts from our front door to our bed. Our bed was showered in little hearts and three presents.

This year was a bit harder to carry out because I can't see very well-still have no contacts in. I managed to get my mom to take me shopping and I created a candy boquet with a valentines day card I scrapbooked and had my sister stacey drive it down to Wells Fargo and personally deliver to David (He was so suprised that I did that, knowing that I couldn't see or drive). I then made cupcakes and decorated the table with candles, confetti, the cupcakes and put white lights on the ceiling. When David got home, we went to Wildflower Bread Company to have soup bowls and sandwhiches in a nice quiet environment, and NO long lines! We came home, pulled out our hide-a-bed couch and watched EMBER, a fairly weird but good movie about underground town and two kids who are trying to save the town as its electricity source and food are running out.

I just want to tell David thank you for three years of wonderful Valentines Days! The first picture below is of our engagement on our first Valentines Day. The next several pictures are of this years V-Day and my decorated room that I came home to after Wildflower-David's secret helper came in and decorated and suprised me while we were out eating!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Have pity on me.

Wednesday afternoon I noticed my right eye started getting really mucusy and so I would try to clear it and well, stuff kept coming out of my tear duct area, an abnormal color. It was really strange and the thought entered my mind, oh no maybe i'm getting an infection. My eye kept draining all day and finally during the middle of Wednesday night, I woke up around1 a.m. and noticed my eyes were both sealed oompletely shut. I went to the bathroom to rinse it off, and concluded that I had to have pink eye because I had never had my eyes do this since I can remember. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night because I knew that if I indeed had pink eye, I would be blind for a few days seeing how I depend on my contacts and have no glasses to back me up.

I was able to get into the Doctors THursday at 8:45 and he said that yes, i was infected with pink eye. THe story gets better. The medical assistant who did my weight and blood pressure tested my pressure three times, and all of them came out 160/? apparently a really really high pressure. So the doctor sent me in for blood testing this morning and I have to get my blood pressure checked once a week for the next four weeks and call their office to report to them the numbers. I have never had high blood pressure before and I am praying that nothing serious comes out of this, that I don't need to be put on any medications.

As for my eyes, my right eye which got infected first and was the worst is doing much better today than my left eye which has gotten worse(even with medication). Hopefully its one of those things where it has to get worse before it gets better. I have been blind since yesterday afternoon and am not sure when I will get to see clearly again. I"m praying by at least sunday morning so I can see at church. Lesson learned: get glasses no matter how expensive they are. So that is why my post is entitled have pity on me. I am stuck at home for a few days, blind...except for when my sweet husband is not working and can take me out, or when my mom is able to take me to her house to do laundry. Ugh! Thats what I get for working with20 kids every day in the schools. :) Keep me in your prayers, that I heal quickly so I can see again!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cupcakes and Linguini

This past week has been a fairly stressful and busy one-more busy than usual. I am taking a research methods class and it takes me SO long to finish the homework-namely coming up with research questions that no one has ever researched before, and looking up articles. I know you wish you were in my position :) Therapy with my students has been so fun, but exhausting on my vocal chords and throat. Its been sore on and off since the beginning of the school year from talking so much. I love how the children are so cute, especially the kindergartners. I have one little boy who is working on /s/ blends so I always ask his group "who lives in a pineapple under the sea" and he proudly shouts "fungebob warepants!" It's hilarious, but I know he is trying to hard to say it right.

On a bad note, smokers have moved in downstairs from us and their smoke is coming through our piping, especially through the pipes under our bathroom sink and bathtub. So, this week when it's smelt especially bad i've jumped on the floor a few times to vent my anger. Sunday morning while I was blow drying my hair I heard a knock on the door and it was the lady (with one snaggle tooth left) downstairs. She said "I've noticed you guys have been making lots of noise downstairs lately and we want to ask you to stop (this said in a wheezy, i'm going to fall over and die any moment type voice). So my sweet david said "well we've been wanting to talk to you about your smoking because it's been coming through our vents." She says "well its our washer and dryer making the smell." David just says "Well, we'd appreciate it if you could smoke outside." She responds "Well, thats not something we can control". I thought, if you can march all the way up our stairs, you can certainly move yourself to your screen door and blow your smoke. I was so livid the rest of the day and was rather emotional during church with so many wonderful ladies announcing they're leaving the ward and with what happened this morning.

Needless to say, if they don't stop smoking, we will be forced to find another home over the next two to three months. I don't want the chemicals to affect our health or the health of our future children.

On a positive note, I made some funfetti cupcakes for my fourteen year old sunday school class. These kids are truly amazing and I love them so much, despite their chatti-ness (my new word). They are one of the reasons i'd be so upset to move, they've taught me so much and are a pleasure to teach-they are SO smart! So below are pictures of the cupcakes and the chicken linguini David and I made for dinner. Hope you enjoy :)