Monday, April 25, 2011


This year, David and I decided that we wanted to gear our Easter thoughts more towards the Savior and less towards the candy, chocolate and materialistic version of Easter (although we definitely included some traditional Easter festivities). After all, we celebrate Easter to remember that Christ died and was resurrected. We started the week off by attending the Easter Pageant on the Arizona LDS temple grounds. David and I walked away with a better sense and conviction that Jesus is the Christ and that He does live! I think this Easter was more meaningful for us because there are those in our family who no longer believe that Jesus exists. The pageant was a very powerful testament that He lives and loves us. Too many prayers have been answered and too many spiritual experiences have happened in my life to believe contrary.

The Easter Bunny dropped off some things in Easton's crib, because he found some good deals at Target that he just couldn't pass by :) Next year, we will be a little bit more fanciful and start better Easter basket/egg hunt traditions after little Easton arrives.
Later in the evening, we went to my in-laws house for the traditional egg hunt and yummy Easter feast. My sister-in-law Fawn came up with the great idea to get the adults included in the egg hunt this year. She wrote names on 2 miniature sized eggs for the adults (not sure the miniature size was the best idea-but it was still a good challenge) and hid them in the super tall weeds/grass and hale bales in my inlaws huge yard. There were also a few HUNDRED regular sized eggs and even some gigantic eggs filled with jelly beans hidden. We spent over an hour it seems looking for the eggs and even then, my poor niece and nephew never found their second miniature egg. I absolutely loved Easter this year and am so grateful for the fun yet peaceful time I got to share with my family.

Rosalee found some gigantic eggs (I told you they were huge!)

Natalia found her miniature egg (actually I found it for her and pointed her in the right direction)
Nephew Dylan showing off his egg
Father and son
Hailey and Dylan checking out the goods (jelly beans) inside of the eggs

Did I mention how hard it was for me to find this egg? It was hidden in the outer edges of the hay bale.

Oh.....and we also had my niece Lanae's birthday party-happy birthday Lanae! Can't forget the baby bump picture of me and cousin Suzanne. Suzanne is due in June and I am due in August. (pictures courtesy of Kristi Ison)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's in a name....

Choosing a name for baby #1 was fairly simple. I had thrown several names that I liked out to David, but there were none that he had really liked as well. And then I started reading friends blogs and got more ideas for boy names (boy names were much harder for us to choose than girl names). I am a huge country music fan and one day I was listening to one of my more favorite country songs on youtube. I had no idea who actually sang the song. I saw the name of the singer and thought-I love that name! I have been reluctant to share the name David and I chose for our little guy because I strongly dislike when others tell you they don't like the name or try to persuade you to choose something different. But I have decided that no matter what others say, this name is here for good. So.....who is this hot country singer I am alluding to?

Why...Easton Corbin that is!

So what are we naming our baby boy?

Easton David Bunzell

And what's with the middle name? My dad's name is David (David Johnson), my brother's middle name is David (Christopher David), my husband's name is David (David Bunzell), and my husband's dad's middle name is David (Barry David). So there ya have it folks!