Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today, I am grateful

For many reasons.....
1. This morning as I was driving to work I stopped at an intersection a mile from my home. I saw a car flipped on its side and another car behind it the was right side up but severely crunched. As I fully came to a stop, I saw the right side up car's driver run out of his vehicle to see if the overturned car's passengers were fine. I also saw a bystander sprint to see if he could help while his wife called 911. It was then that I realized I literally missed this accident, and potentially being in it, by seconds. I was going to leave for work earlier to make up some time but thank my guardian angels for causing things to delay me leaving.

2. I had an interview with the Gilbert School District and they are really excited to have me work as a Speech Language Pathologist with them next year!

3. I realized on Sunday that my graduate plan of study had been sent back to me for revision and if i did not amend it and get a bunch of signatures by tomorrow evening, I would have to pay an extra 35$ on top of the regular 50$ to graduate. I was to the point where with all the work I would have to do, that I didn't care to walk at ASU's masters graduation ceremony. I figured the only people that came to my bachelors graduation was my immediate family and they could see me in my gown and robes any ol' day :). The one reason I want to walk is because all of my friends in my program are.....not to mention I have worked my butt off to get this degree, its hasn't been easy, and have received so much grief from professors (thats another story). Anyways, I realize it was my fault and should have checked to see if it was approved months ago. I am thankful for angels getting these papers signed and approved as of noon today, and for people who are willing to help me in a crunch.

4. I am grateful that we got an extension approved on our house so that we could close at a later date when our loan goes through (and hopefully before we have to be out of our apartment).

5. A small bit of thankfulness (if i can say so)...LOST is on tonight, and it is my obsession

My list could go on. I have been so downtrodden with how much "work" I have to do and it never decreases. I am so grateful for the days that the Lord helps me realize that with all the trials going on, there are rays of sunshine that poke through and that I am really blessed all the time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

After months of searching, David and I are pleased to announce that we finally found a beautiful home that is close to our families!! Our inspection went well and we are waiting for our loan to go through...hopefully closing in the middle of April. It's so strange how things work out. I was ready to throw in the towel after putting so many offers out, having to back out of a house, and running out of time. I feel like we look in areas that were not ideally where we'd like to be, just so we could make this tax credit deadline. I know the Lord truly was just waiting for the right house to open up and in a location that would be close to our families. Its a 4bed/1.75 bath in East Mesa. I must admit I am highly nervous about having to pay the extra bills while not knowing what my job situation will be like next year, but again I know that as we are doing everything we can and paying our tithing...things will work out. Here is a picture of future home:

I did end up taking my huge Praxis exam two weeks ago and am now anxiously awaiting my test results. I feel like I did ok, and I studied for several months...so hopefully my good guessing and gut feelings were enough to get me the score i needed to pass. I believe in miracles :) David is in the process of filling out his CASPA application to try to apply to PA school. I am so proud of him and all of his hard work. He will hopefully graduate in December with his Bachelors.

This past week was spring break and I had such a great time. I have never had a full week of (and several days with David off too) to just go play, usually spring break with the public schools and ASU are on seperate weeks. We got to go to the Zoo with family as well as hiking, potlucks, and games. It made me realize just how much I miss out of living life because I work so many hours and when i'm not working i'm in school or doing homework...its rare that I get a break for more than a few hours everyweek. Only a few more weeks til this semester is through...like the little engine that could "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!!"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

These last few weeks, and this one especially have been filled with sleepless worrisome nights. This week alone I have had 3 midterm exams from yesterday until tomorrow (saturday through monday). The first exam took me roughly 9 hours to complete, the second about an hour and a half and who knows what tomorrow holds. I knew getting into this semester would be by far my most difficult one as I'm taking three graduate courses, working 3 jobs totalling 42ish hours a week and trying to buy a home. Little I know just how hard it would be. My grades have not been the best and I feel like this is because there is SO much going on that I can't be the best at any one thing.

Last week we got the inspection completed on a home that we had looked at (offer was accepted) and the inspection came out really really good. We would be getting a killer of a deal on the house but the stresses come with me not having a job over the summer (as I work for the schools) and thus no income, draining most of our savings to pay for the costs of buying a home, and not knowing what the next school year will hold financially. This house is in a great location close to both of our families its just that the bills will be rising..stress, stress, stress :) I think that has become my most used word!

I have my HUGE exam called the PRAXIS that I am taking this upcoming Saturday and this is the mega test that determines (along with me passing my last few classes) whether or not I will get my masters degree. So for any and all out there, i could use several prayers on my behalf and lots of miracles. This week I also have an interview with the lead speech pathologist in my gilbert school district to try to apply for a job as a speech therapist in the district...right now i am only an assistant. Now normally most districts would have tons of job openings but in light of all the budget cuts, we have only a few positions open and again i need prayers that I will get one of these positions.

The one big relief is that Spring Break is next week and I will have a full week off of work and school. We're trying to hold onto our hats as the wind is blowing at full force these days!