Monday, August 16, 2010

Time to be crafty

As part of being a new homeowner, there are a million things that I want to do with my house ...especially since it tripled in size from our last apartment, and its mine! We've slowly been painting the bedrooms in the house and a few weeks ago got to paint the kids/guest bathroom.

I have been wanting to decorate the bathroom for awhile just haven't found anything that would go with the colors purple and yellow as it is now Fall and all the Spring colored things are gone. So out of the blue I decided to go shopping at Kohls clothing store and while I was there, I found these mirrored butterflies and a big sticker tree with birds on it. I excitedly bought the two and decided to go to Hobby Lobby to see if there was anything remotely close to the whole butterfly nature theme. After about an hour of browsing the store, I found some wood letters and the idea popped into my head that I could actually be crafty and do something with them. I modge podged scrapbook paper to the letters (I was blessed to be able to find some butterfly paper!) and then added ribbon and rhinestones. Below are pictures of my project. I was quite proud of myself that things turned out so well and that I was crafty!
The wall BEFORE:

The wall AFTER: