Sunday, February 22, 2015

December 2014

December 3, 2014:
I'm 15 minutes away from my banana bread being done and the power on my street Has gone out. Awesome.
December 7, 2014:
Got to enjoy horseback riding with my family last night. We crossed the Verde River about 4 times, saw a bald eagle sitting on its nest and enjoyed beautiful desert landscape after it had just rained outside.
December 8, 2014:
Thanks to the talented Jones Family Photography for capturing our family photos this year!

Two HUGE blessings in the past two days:
1. I felt inspired to straighten my hair for church yesterday. I found my straightener in a box full of plastic, wood, and paper. (in the process of re-doing our bathroom) Plugged in. One of my dear children felt the necessity to plug in my straightener. By the time I got to it, plastic had melted onto it and the paper and wood that it had been touching... were burning hot. I shudder to think where my house would have been three hours later after I had gotten back from church.
2. I have been searching and searching and searching for three years worth of my continuing education certificates with no luck. Stressing about how i'd be able to come up with 10 hours of time to watch videos,take tests and pay an extra 100$, only to find my jackpot of certificates tonight. Now I can peacefully re-new my ASHA certification :)
December 17, 2014
Our family had an absolute blast tonight riding the train twice through McCormick Stilman railroad park tonight and then grabbing hot chocolate. The kids were extra well behaved which was a bonus.
December 20, 2014:
Adelyn and her cousin were lambs in the family nativity last night. Our kids were so excited to see Santa. Kids had so much fun hitting the pinata and scooping up candy.

December 26, 2014:
Had a fun day at castles and coasters with my love. Some zip lining, high rope obstacle course, roller coasters, goofy golf, and cars!


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