Friday, December 10, 2010

Bridal Showers and Zoo lights

This month has been full of wonderful holiday parties, bridal parties, movies, and Christmas lights. I offered to do a bridal shower for my sister in law who is getting married in one week (she got engaged around the first week of November). I thank my lucky stars for two wonderful sister in laws and a mother in law who helped me pull it all off. The only unfortunate part about the whole thing was that I had started coming down with a nasty bug and my throat hurt so bad that it killed to swallow. We had a chocolate fountain with bananas, pretzels, wafers, and marshmellows to dip, salsa, seven layer bean dip, rolls, oriental slaw salad, red velvet cupcakes, oreos, and twizzlers pull and peels. We played "guess the bridal phrase" where there was one word given and we all filled out the second part of the phrase...we then compared our answers to the bride-to-be's. Then it was present opening time! Here are some pictures from the party.

Rose got a nice black velvet blanket
Then, on Wednesday, my sister Stacey went to perform with her flute choir at the Phoenix Zoo where they were having Zoolights. We had a buy one get one free pass with our SRP bill so most of my family went as well. There is a section of the zoo where there is a talking giraffe and there must be a hidden camera because he makes comments based off of what the children around it were saying. My favorite part was section of the zoo that had trees and light boards whose lights all danced to the music that was being played (like the Transiberian Orchestra). It was amazing!

(Under the "love" tree, or so I call it!)
And...of course, we made our traditional journey down to the Mesa Temple Lights. We went with my brother and his family as well as my parents and other siblings. My wonderful sister law brought yummy hot chocolate and creamers. Mmmm!
(Us with our nephew Dallin)