Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where to start

I have slacked on my blog for 3 months now-that is a record for me and something I am not proud of. I have tried, in the past, to diligently blog so that I could have all my blog entries printed and made into a book. This would serve as both a journal and a scrapbook. Hopefully I can do a little catching up. For Thanksgiving, we spent the whole day with my family. We got up early and ran the turkey trot, then played tennis at Mountain View High School. We rested and waited for the Thanksgiving Feast to finish. This year, we were fortunate to have mom Bunzell (David's mom) have the feast with us as the rest of the Bunzell bunch were either working or at the other side of the family's. Friday, I did my usual Black Friday shopping, although having a young baby this year changed things a little bit. I slept in until 7 and figured if the stores were out of what I wanted, then I would wait for new shipments to come in. There was nothing I was willing to lose sleep over (getting up at 5a.m. this year would have been a joke).
Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our camera on Christmas day, so we have no pictures. Christmas this past year fell on a Sunday, so we hurried to my parents and ate our usual French Toast Casserole and Quiche breakfast then rushed to my parents church. My brother Chris and has family also joined us. My mom's ward choir never practiced the song they sang during church and it sounded terrible, :(. It was off key and at one point the piano kept playing and the choir didn't know where the pianist was so they stopped singing. We all had a good laugh afterwards. David spoiled me this year. He bought me SO many things, including three new outfits and three matching pairs of shoes! I was quite impressed. Santa gave David a new Kindle which David has been religiously using to read books, every day! Easton was too little to really enjoy Christmas, but he was sure cute dressed in his Santa pajamas! I can't believe it was one year since we had announced on Christmas day, that we were expecting a baby!
For New Years, we went to my brother Chris' house and ate lots of goodies and played Just Dance 1 and 2 as well as other games on the Wii. My brother got us so addicted, that when a sale came on for Just Dance 3 a few days later, David and I HAD to get it. We have been using it a few times a week as means to get some exercise on the days that we just can't go to the gym. We have thoroughly enjoyed it!
For Christmas my parents and brother had gotten fishing poles, so in January, we all went down to the Salt River and tried to fish. We went to a spot where several people said they caught about 4 fish. Well, they must have caught all the fish, because we didn't get a single bite all night! Fishing is something my mom really wants to do more of. This is the first she has had a fishing license, since fishing is something my dad doesn't like doing. She is determined to use that license and catch several fish throughout the year. We plan on joining her as it is nice to spend some time in the good old outdoors.
Our sweet Easton is growing and growing. I now know his routine and generally understanding why he is crying. He will be six months old in the next week and has started eating solids. His body has had a hard time adjusting to the change in food and we have been worried about his lack of being able to have good bowl movements over the last few weeks. We are hoping this is a temporary thing and that he will not have to take a visit to the doctor! We have been so lucky to have my mom and David's mom watch Easton while we are at work. It so great knowing he is in safe and loving hands all day. We couldn't ask for better! Easton loves to take baths-he is totally a water baby. Grandma Bunzell had to give him a bath one day since he got too messy. He is a drool bug and we have to change his bib around 3 times ever day-think of all that SLOBBER!
It's off to get some goodies ready. We are heading over to my brother's house tonight to watch the Superbowl! May the best team win! (not sure who is even playing this year lol, but the half time show is generally fun to watch!!)