Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I am so excited to have received another voxbox!  Just look at all the goodies I received below for FREE!  It's been fun to try brands and foods that I wouldn't have normally picked for myself.  My favorite produce by far is the NYC eyeshadow liner and pencil.  In Arizona, it is hot and my eyeshadow generally melts down into the creases of my eyelids.  I found that this product generally stayed where it, creating a lasting affect.  I loved the beanitos chips (who would have thought beans would taste good in chips!?) and I also enjoyed the shampoo.  Neither my husband nor I enjoyed the bear naked granola-had a weird flavor to it.  I'm looking forward to trying the other products! #blossomvoxbox

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

December 2014

December 3, 2014:
I'm 15 minutes away from my banana bread being done and the power on my street Has gone out. Awesome.
December 7, 2014:
Got to enjoy horseback riding with my family last night. We crossed the Verde River about 4 times, saw a bald eagle sitting on its nest and enjoyed beautiful desert landscape after it had just rained outside.
December 8, 2014:
Thanks to the talented Jones Family Photography for capturing our family photos this year!

Two HUGE blessings in the past two days:
1. I felt inspired to straighten my hair for church yesterday. I found my straightener in a box full of plastic, wood, and paper. (in the process of re-doing our bathroom) Plugged in. One of my dear children felt the necessity to plug in my straightener. By the time I got to it, plastic had melted onto it and the paper and wood that it had been touching... were burning hot. I shudder to think where my house would have been three hours later after I had gotten back from church.
2. I have been searching and searching and searching for three years worth of my continuing education certificates with no luck. Stressing about how i'd be able to come up with 10 hours of time to watch videos,take tests and pay an extra 100$, only to find my jackpot of certificates tonight. Now I can peacefully re-new my ASHA certification :)
December 17, 2014
Our family had an absolute blast tonight riding the train twice through McCormick Stilman railroad park tonight and then grabbing hot chocolate. The kids were extra well behaved which was a bonus.
December 20, 2014:
Adelyn and her cousin were lambs in the family nativity last night. Our kids were so excited to see Santa. Kids had so much fun hitting the pinata and scooping up candy.

December 26, 2014:
Had a fun day at castles and coasters with my love. Some zip lining, high rope obstacle course, roller coasters, goofy golf, and cars!


November 2014

November 8, 2014:
My kids had such a blast at the Mesa Veterans Day Parade. So grateful to all those men and women who have served in our military, past and present. Thank you preserving our freedoms!

November 15, 2014:
Our family had a blast tonight at the Johnson elementary fall festival. Barros pizza and backyard taco were our meals of choice...we wanted to try a waffle from the waffle crush truck as I've heard great things but our tummies were too full. The kids loved the swing carnival ride.

November 16th, 2014:
Today we put up our Christmas tree and also explored family picture taking places!

November 21, 2014:
David's cousin, Kate Mower, who is incredibly talented, took pictures of our children.  They turned out so amazing!


October 2014

October 4, 2014:
Went to the ASU Women's soccer game with our pogo passes.

October 16, 2014:
Saying prayers for my baby boy as he goes into surgery here in just a few hours. Easton was circumcised today.  Scary experience for all, but everything turned out well.  Poor boy kept getting infection after infection so it was a very necessary surgery.

Two high school reunions!

October 18, 2014:
Our family went on the "ghost walk" at usery park.  So fun!

October 31, 2014:

August -September 2014

July 31st 2014:
Adelyn turns one!  At one year of age, Adelyn only knows one animal sound....when asked "What does the fox say?" she will reply "pow, pow, pow, pow, pow". Will have to post a video later :)

August 5, 2014:
Easton started preschool!

August 10, 2014:
Easton turns 3 (on the 12th)
Enjoyed celebrating Easton's 3rd and Adelyn's first birthday -pirate themed- with my family tonight...complete with an amazing pirate ship cake built by David, treasure map game, fish ( goldfish crackers ) and chips, and pirate rafts. Thanks to my family for making this night special for my little ones :)

 Fish and chips
August 16, 2014:
So proud of David Bunzell for finishing Block 1 of nursing school last week! Whew! Now 3 more to go and then it's party/vacation time!

August 21, 2014:
Easton and David went to visit grandma and grandpa Bunzell on the ranch in New Mexico.
August 27, 2014:
I turned 28! I celebrated my birthday with my mom at BJ's brewhouse!  I needed one of their delicious pizookies.
September 5, 2014:
My coworkers have been asking why I've been limping all week. On Tuesday night, I stuck my foot between the cushions on my couch to balance myself while feeding Adelyn her bottle. I felt something sharp hit my foot. I screamed out in pain, pulled my foot out and blood was coming out like crazy. We never found what caused the bleeding, despite searching and feeling around. I've been telling my... co-workers that I feel like I can't put pressure on my heel because it feels like a nail is going through my foot. After work today, I sat on my mom's couch and looked at my foot. I discovered a piece of glass sticking out of the place where I was bleeding. My mom performed surgery (while I squeezed my brothers hand...traumatized by what was about to happen) and removed the shard which was about 1/4 long. No wonder my heel has been hurting. I've had a piece of glass in it for a good chunk of the week!
September 13, 2014:
One of my best friends growing up, Melissa Galbraith (now Melissa Farrow), got married!

September 19, 2014:

Arrrr matey! For the past two weeks in speech therapy, we have been doing speech and language activities with a pirate theme and boy have my students and I been having a blast! Today is national "talk like a pirate" day. My family celebrated by going to the Sea life aquarium where we found treasure, a pirate and mermaid and enjoyed music from a live pirate band!


September 26, 2014:
Went to mountain views homecoming game tonight. Felt good to be back after ten years. Easton kept asking "where's the marching band?" That's my boy! ‪#‎onceatoroalwaysatoro‬ David even caught a free Toro shirt!