Monday, August 11, 2008

New Changes in my Life

Hello all!

Just wanted to let you know I am still alive. I'm sorry it's been awhile since the last post but my life has gotten so crazy over the last week or so it seems I have been sucked into a whirl-wind. Last Wednesday as many of you know, was the first day back to school for the Gilbert school district and myself. I just started my new job as a speech language pathology assistant at Pioneer Elementary school just off of Greenfield and Baseline. I will start doing therapy sessions with kids next Monday and lately have been doing lots of "busy" work while being stressed that i'm not being allowed to do what I am required to do in order to get my masters degree and become certified as an SLP. I haven't slept well since last Tuesday with stress of not knowing what to do.

I just want to say how incredibly grateful I am for my sweet husband David who has been so supportive of all the new changes taking place. He has been my voice of reason when I am all stressed out and upset for no good reason. I love you David!