Saturday, October 18, 2008

Post 2---the Zoo

See previous post for some more of my weeks adventures! Today I had the opportunity to take two of my cute nieces to the zoo. Growing up, my aunts and uncles on both sides kept to themselves and as a result, the kids in my family never got to have a strong relationship with any of them. It's been my goal to take our nieces and nephew on little outings every now and then to build our said here are some of the zoo adventures with the Nikki and Karen, the kids I stole from Fawn :)
The Giraffe Exibit-Stop #1

My brother Kyle, his friend, Karen and Nikki

Kissing Monkey Buddha (Above)
Mom, look what the chickens hatched! (Below)

The girls were SO CUTE petting the goats and feeding them!

Lots to catch up on!

I have decided that I may have to do a couple of posts to catch up on my oh so eventful fall break. David and I have tried to come up with "projects" that would help us grow together...something fun that would take time to complete, so we have taken it upon ourselves to "fall decorate" and make black shelves for our bathroom and living room. Anyways, i've done a lot of shopping at Hobby Lobby and last weekend we were able to put together the shelf and decorations on and above our entertainment center.

The wooden sign on the shelf says "Bunzell, together we make a family"--made at an enrichment activity by yours truly :) We were so thrilled to have this put together..makes our apartment look so much more homey.

Then, yesterday (Friday) my sisters work had given her extra tickets to go to the Arizona State Fair so due to my sisters chronic lateness, we spent about an hour and a half there, but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, just me, my mom and sister. Just FYI, don't ever go into the haunted house, it's not worth paying 5$ to see 4 skeletons in cages scream.
Stacey (my sister) and I pictured below rode the flying swings which I will never do again...made me sick! Certain parts the machine tilted you back and it felt like you were going to fall out!

My mom and I after the water ride. She said I had to sit in front since it was already soaked when we got on and she knew there was more to be splashed on it. Thanks mom :)

We then visited some very cute but stinky and fresh smelling goats, pigs, cows and chickens

Little "Sweet Cream"--the baby calf was born Tuesday of this week so it was four days old when we got to see cute she was!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby Jewelry

Hello all!

Fawn said I really needed to post something new even if it was to say that I didn't have anything to say! I will try to write something somewhat meaningful :) I apologize their are no pictures this time. We are still waiting to buy some rechargeable batteries for our camera which tends to eat every batteries energy up quicker than you can snap your fingers. Any suggestions as to good kinds?

Last weekend, my husbands young adult cousins---JD, Eli, and Michael came over to our house to eat some yummy "Cafe Rio" burritos. It was so funny because the boys were so eager to eat normal healthy food, and boy did they wolf down the burritos. I'm glad they enjoyed it and profusely uttered so many compliments-it made me feel good about the small amount of cooking I have done lately, not because I haven't wanted to, but because i'm never home until it's time to go to bed.

Also, on behalf of my best friend Sharianna, a new blog has been opened. Sharianna is selling baby jewelry which can also be made into adult size jewlry upon request. I encourage you all to take a quick gander at her site if you are in need of special baby shower gifts or a present for the holidays as Christmas is soon approaching. Sharianna can customize the bracelet to look however you want it-with charms, crystals, pearls etc, and in many colors. The bracelets and necklaces are adorable! Here is the website should you choose to take a peek:

Congrats to Megan and Thomas on the birth of their baby girl Audrey Elizabeth and to all the new mothers and old mothers to be :) I am so excited to announce that my brother and sister in law are having a little boy in March!