Monday, March 21, 2011

A little bit of baby and some spring break

One of the greatest blessings of working for a school is having holidays and long breaks off. This month has been incredibly stressful for me because I have had triple the amount of IEP meetings, kids to test, and data to collect than I normally do in any given month. I told myself I was not even going to think about work over Spring Break-I needed a mental break. And....not an ounce of work was thought about :) (At least work relating to my job)

On Tuesday, I had my second ultrasound. On our first ultrasound, the doctor and technician could not detect the presence of a nasal bone. They said this was an indicator for Down's and suggested I do some bloodwork and possibly an amnio to decrease the probability of the baby having Down's. As you can imagine, I was worried sick. After listening to many stories about women having the same feedback as I had and having normal babies, I decided that I would leave my worries in the Lord's hand. I also had a blessing from family members. The bloodwork came back normal! The second ultrasound indicated the presence of a very small but nonetheless present nasal bone. I was absolutely ecstastic. The doctor said the heart and all other organs look good but I will have yet another ultrasound in a month. Below is a picture of our first ultrasound where we learned our little monkey is in fact going to be a BOY!

On Wednesday, my family got together at Freestone park and had corned beef, cabbage and potatoes. I had all day to myself so I decided to make some flower shaped cake balls for the get together. Below is a picture of the yummy dessert before they were dipped in white and green colored chocolate (I forgot to take pictures of the final product).

On Thursday evening and Friday evening, my family wanted to do some backyard camping. As camping is not my thing, we only joined in for the dinner and s'more making activities. Thursday night we ate cowboy dinners and Friday we made dutch over chicken pot pie and dutch oven peach cobbler. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures but all meals were absolutely delicious!

On Friday, David and I had pondered what we would do together since he also had the day off. I had wanted to watch a Spring training game but all the tickets left were in non-shaded areas of the stadium and being outside in the heat for 5 minutes was killing me! (I realize it was only 85-90 degrees and that I am completely doomed once the 110 degree summer weather hits). So we decided to do what we have been doing the last few breaks and paint the baby's room. In the midst of peeling up the carpet to paint the baseboards, we realized how nasty the carpet was and on the spur of the moment decided to have carpet installed. We learned to never get carpet at Lowe's (it would have cost us almost 400$). Instead we went with a family owned company that my relatives have all used and the carpet cost 1/2 the price-it turned out beautifully! So with a little jungle themed decorating and some furniture, the baby's room will be ready to go!

On another good note, over the last two weeks, I have started feeling the baby move. What an incredible feeling this is! I am always anxious to feel him move everyday for reassurance that he is still alive and "kickin" ;) I can't wait for the day when David will be able to feel him as well. I feel bad that the kicks aren't strong enough for him to feel.

Friday, March 4, 2011

February 2011

This past month has been filled with all kinds of fun things and new adventures!

Adventure #1:
While I was sleeping, I received a call around 10p.m. Wednesday a few weeks ago. It was David, calling me and telling me that he thought he had broken his arm. It was extremely swollen (like an orange sitting on top of his wrist) and he couldn't move it. He had decided to go play basketball with his cousins and some singles ward members. While trying to get a re-bound high in the air, some guy knocked his legs out from under him. This caused David to spin and fall down head first. Thanks be to the heavens he was able to turn his body somewhat so that he crushed his arm and hurt his ribs rather than landing on his head. I'll take the broken arm over a broken neck/paralyzation any day. Here's a more recent photo of my adorable husband-he gets his cast off in about 4 weeks.
Adventure #2:
Last Friday, we went to get my first ultrasound. I guess part of me thought all I would see was a blob (since that is what I saw at 8 weeks). I was floored and I am pretty sure David was too-to see an actual baby! Unfortunately grandpa bunzell has our ultrasound disc with all our pictures, so I can't post anything now. We decided to reveal the gender to our families Sunday night-and boy was it fun making everyone, friends and family, wait just a little longer to see what we were having. I found this idea on the internet and thought it would be fun----

Each person in our family got a piece of chocolate that looked like the above picture. If the chocolate candy bar was plain, it was a girl. If the chocolate candy bar underneath had nuts in was a boy. Guess what? The chocolate had almonds in it! We are so excited to have a little boy in our home once August rolls around!

Adventure #3
Hobby Lobby has some pretty adorable Spring decorations-just what I needed to finish my spare bathroom! David painted the shelf white, we threw the decorations on it, and wah-lah! The spare bathroom is now fully decorated-it's pretty cute if I say so myself :) (Yes, I still need to find a picture/cute saying in the frame)