Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Thank you for those that posted comforting comments. I CAN get through this next week and a half of school! I feel like the little engine that could, chugging along saying "I think i can, I think i can, I think i can"!

David and I decided this week that we will be heading to California in the next few weeks to enjoy some get away time. We haven't had a formal vacation outside of playing in the snow for a day each year, since our honeymoon two years ago, and boy do we need one! We're gonna "rough it" and stay at one of the KOA campgrounds in a little cabin. This is my kind of camping with a sturdy roof over our heads and showers near by (I'm hoping they don't have any icky critters and spiders in them!). Then we will head to Disneyland one day and the beach another. Does anyone know where to buy discounted Disneyland tickets? I can't believe they are 70$ a piece!

We are also going to see Wicked with David's parents in July, which i'm very excited about. I've heard nothing but good things about the play. It's nice to say that summer is coming and with it many long needed adventures!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster

So many things have happened in the last few days that have nearly made me lose my sanity.

1. I forgot my binder for school on Tuesday that I needed for notes in class that night since I couldn't drive home. And I needed the binder to study for my second out of two exams in that class for the entire semester.

2. Shortly after I realized I left my binder, I checked my yahoo email account and noticed a letter from my professor stating that I had failed to turn in two final exam questions that were to take the place of our last quiz (only those who showed up to class last thursday got that option) and that as a result I would be taking the quiz next week. This goes from spending 15 minutes coming up with in-depth questions, to spending 6-7 HOURS studying for the quiz. I had spent all week rigorously trying to finish my 15 page preschool class (same class) written project and had absentmindedly forgotten to do that questions. I failed to see the fairness in having the study this many hours for simply forgetting to do this assignment.

The positive: I, being so flustered, email the professor a few hours later and told her I didn't think this was very fair-I accepted responsibility for my mistake and asked if she could narrow the quiz down as far as what I needed to study. She emailed later in the evening and said she would talk about the quiz and narrow it as it got closer to the date. Five minutes later she emailed and said, ok, finish the questions tonight, and that will be good enough. Thank you Mary!

3. Tonight I went to a meeting with my professor of my speech program to discuss my schedule for the next year and how I could get observation hours with a certified Speech Therapist at Banner Baywood (another professor informed me that all the students in my program wouldn't get to do a hospital rotation period because of budget cuts). The professor showed me my updated schedule and I proceeded to ask her what I needed to do to get certified observation hours at the hospital, after I called Baywood. The professor said to not call them because I did not have the education or experience to even do a rotation. Not in these exact words but words similiar she said "So I gather from your emails that your are upset and bashing the PEP program, Lynette we are working and do everythign we can for you PEP students. It seems like a lot of you are unhappy with your program. If you want more experience in the medical field, perhaps you are in the wrong program." I kept saying ok...ok...ok...because I was shocked out of my mind that this normally sweet and very helpful lady was even suggesting that I was bashing the program and leading others to get riled up as well.

I merely said in my emails that I really wanted hospital experience and that I would find SLP's to observe me on my own since the ASU staff wasn't going to help us. And all the other students in my program wanted the experience as well. Anyways, I left in tears and I felt like I was just slapped in the face.

Good things:

1. This week is IA (aide) appreciation week and so my sweet SLP that I work under suprised me with flowers and a card. The principal said she could take me out for lunch and he would re-imburse her. So sweet and thoughtful.

2. I got to write my two questions and not take the quiz

3. I finished my preschool project

4. I have a friend who came to class today in tears as well from hearing bad news from the same professor so I had someone who understood what I was feeling

5. I have a loving and supportive husband who sees me through everything

_____I've realized more than anything I NEED a break_____I need to get out and do something not related to school. I think I have just been worn thin, i'm tired...mentally and physically.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So I have been trying to post this blog for a few days now...last night David needed the computer for homework so I wasn't able to get on. Here ya go...

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful as I got to take Friday off, since I work in the schools. Friday morning I spent dying eggs with my in-laws....something I haven't done in years it seems like. It's amazing to see what kinds of egg dying/glittery/tie dye kits they have these days. After that I went to my friend Shars house to help her pack turned into a 3-4 hour chat session which I won't complain about :) David and I have been talking about how we never spend much time with friends anymore because we're so busy, and that we REALLY miss it. So thanks Shar for letting me come hang out with you and your kids.

Saturday morning was my niece Nikki's baptism---we are so proud of her for making good choices. Then later that evening we had my side of the family's easter egg hunt with all my great aunts, their families, and my grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins. My cousin Robin didn't get to cleaning their yard so David later noticed (Or I did because I kept smelling it) that he had dog poop on the bottom of his pants. We rushed to the Easter Pageant (I told David "I keep smelling dog poo" and he found what looked like mud on his pants, sure enough...) It was amazing because shortly after we stepped on the temple grounds the pouring rain stopped. There were dark rain clouds all around the temple, but nothing above the temple. And a guy from the president of the 70 gave the prayer. This year the pageant made me cry, and I"m not sure if it was because it was an emotional day or because more than ever...through the songs...I could feel the Savior's love for me. That he understood what I was going through. My desire to have a family, but not being able to quite yet. My desire to because a speech-path. My desire to help my husband find a job where he is happy. My desire to show my husband that I am not this boring old lady who studies all the time. I am grateful to know there is one person who truly understands my needs and is there at every moment to see me through the good and bad times.

Here are some fun pictures of me and my nieces, and other family members on Easter and from Friday. My little brother had his birthday party at chuck-e-cheeses so several of the pictures are of my niece kiara on various rides. My sister in laws (yes Fawn and Sarah) are obsessed with Easter and our egg hunt this year consisted of 680 eggs which beautifully dotted my in-laws back yard. I'm interested to see how many eggs will be accumulated by the time my kids roll around :)
My brother Kyle looking for eggs

Niece Kiara

So dang cute--I have THE most adorable nieces

Alauna sneaking some jelly beans ;)

Look at the two giant bowls of Jelly beans that Sarah and I are holding that we emptied out from the Easter eggs the kids found!

My niece's searching for Easter Eggs

Hailey bean searching for eggs with Weston

My niece Lanae twirling

Lily struttin her stuff

Savannah twirling in her Easter Dress

Uncle David playing with Auria

Auria in her Easter Dress

My niece Alauna in her Easter Dress

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby Dallin is here!

So this week has been a very busy one with babies! On Thursday, my husbands cousin Suzanne gave birth to a little girl named Tessa. And finally on Friday, little Dallin Christopher Johnson graced our presence. He is my brother Chris and his wife Jessica's second child and what a cutie he is! He was born at 5:17p.m. Friday and weighed a little over 6 lbs---tiny tiny! We are so excited to have him join our family. Fun pictures posted below.

As for other good news, since I have moved out of my old apartment I have dropped 12 points from 160 to 148 on the blood pressure scale (top number) and that is only being out of the apartment two days. I'm anxious to see what it will be this upcoming Monday when I go to the store and check it. I knew it was the nasty smokers below! Just think where I would be in hmmm 30-40 years (If I lived that long) being on top of those people (lets say kidney and other organ damage). I want to go the management and say "Don't you dare tell me that these people aren't inflicting upon my rights. They are slowing killing me off as a drunk driver would swerve and kill some one on the road" My death would just be slower....I'm sorry I'm venting. With all that I have been through with my health and these people it's just left me fairly upset. I'm grateful now to be completely away from that situation.

Anyways :) Off to work on a major project thats due this next week, which i've procrastinated doing long enough. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!