Friday, May 15, 2009


Yesterday, when David and I were lying in bed thinking about the days events, David told me that he forgot to mail my really large credit card bill (large because of the wicked tickets we bought). He then went out to his car to collect the bill and bring it inside along with the check so that there would be no possibility of someone stealing it.

He came back with no check, no bill ...nada and said he couldn't find it anywhere. I prayed all night long that somehow we would find it A) so we wouldn't have to pay a fee to cancel the check and B) so that it wouldn't fall into the hands of someone dishonest. In the morning, I got up extra early for some reason and looked and looked and looked on our counters and in David's call-still nothing. I was absolutely beside myself...upset, frustrated and overwhelmed and this event just put me over the top. I wasn't as nice as I should have been when David woke up and as nicely as I could blamed him for losing the bill. I felt horrible afterwards because I knew it was a simple accident. He took the bill with him to put in the mail after his eye appointment but somewhere in route it has just fallen out somewhere.

I think i feel so overwhelmed because I won't have a job over the summer (due to working in the schools), i'm stressed financially, I have all these shots/TB tests, fingerprint cards, cpr cards to get in a week before clinic starts on top of trying to pull things together for my vacation to California next week. Anyways, I asked David to check with our front office to see if it had fallen somewhere outside and if someone turned it in. Around 10 this morning he texted me and said someone had turned it in to the office and she mailed the check out. I feel like we have been watched over....and miracle after miracle has happened lately.

Just last week David got thrown into his parents pool by his cousins and came out with a vibrating white screen phone that wouldn't work. After a full night of drying and countless silent prayers, it started working the next morning.

Time after time i've learned that during these moments, I HAVE to pray because nothing else works. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father, for watching over us and seeing that these small things are taken care of. I again am grateful for David for being patient with me.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Over the last two years, I have really learned a lot about myself, good and bad. My habits have not changed, they are just more well defined as I am on my own away from my parents and siblings. David constantly shows support and love for me and catches me when I fall. Rarely does he see the bad things that I do (or tells me :)) and if he ever does verbally tell me my mistake, its in such a loving way. He cleans and cleans and cleans (what husband does that without being begged???) and the more he cleans, the more lazy I feel I've become, or the more I just let him because I have so much on my plate that cleaning is the last thing I can make myself do.

I feel like I have been too quick to judge, too slow to serve, and I have failed to keep up on those things which should be the most important in my life. A temple worker once told the guys in my sealing room that they couldn't return to our Heavenly Father without the women and that they needed to make sure we got back together....I keep telling David and have realized that I absolutely wouldn't make it back without him, I fall so short and I need him to keep me where I should be.

So to David, thank you for standing by my side, and loving me no matter what. Thank you for seeing the best in me and giving me wings to fly. Thank you for encouraging me to finish my masters program even when I get too tired and sad that I am putting off a family for this. Thank you for working so hard every day even when your not in the career that you want to be, and when its hard for you.

We took this picture when I graduated about a year ago, and its funny how similar the picture is of Christ in the garden of Gethsamane right before he was going to die. David reminds me how to be Christ-like and I am so grateful for that reminder. I love you!