Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Thoughts

In no specific order, here are some recent thoughts and events that have run through our family in the past few months:
1. Baby Brinkley:
This past Saturday, Cody and Rosalee (my brother and sister in law) welcomed their first beautiful baby into this world. Baby Brinkley weighed 7lbs and is completely adorable. It's been hard to watch Rose endure the hardships of nursing, no sleep, and recovery. I was just there 7 months ago and it is still VERY fresh in my mind. I wish Cody and Rosalee the best on their new journey of parenthood.
Home at last!
2. Hiking:
For President's day, my family kidnapped me and we went hiking in Gold Canyon. Ok, they didn't kidnap me, but they would not stop hounding me about going until I finally said yes. You see, I strongly dislike hiking and camping. I feel like i'm in a Dr. Seuss book, "I don't like hiking. Not with a fox, not in box, not in tree, family just let me be! I do not hiking Sam I am!" Alas I went and though the scenery was beautiful, Easton was miserable and screamed the entire way down the mountain-which led to me being miserable. Poor little guy had a high fever that night. Don't think we will be hiking for awhile. As a side note, I do like easy nature walks on paved roads during sunset ;)
3. Kiara turns 5!
This past Sunday, we celebrated my niece Kiara's fifth birthday! I can't believe how fast time has gone-seems like just yesterday she was Easton's age. This girl is incredibly smart and talented. She knows all of her colors, numbers, is starting to read, and has the vocabulary of a 16 year old. What a joy she has been to have in our family. Happy Birthday Kiara!
Did I mention how fortunate I am to have such adorable nieces and nephews. These are the three on my side of the family, and I have twelve others on my husbands side.
4. Easton
Of course I have to give an update on my little baby! Easton is a busy body. He loves to stand ALL the time. In order to sit him down you have to swipe your arms under his legs. He wants constant attention and if he sees you, he starts fussing until you pick him up. Lesson, if you want to get anything done, don't let Easton see you! The boy is eating small bowls full of food during meal time along with a bottle. He is not too fond of most veggies, but if you stick applesauce in the veggies, he will eat it. He LOVES his applesauce! Every night at bedtime, he listens to Enya or baby lullabies....this he does from our beloved Ipod.
At his sixth month checkup, he weighed close to 17lbs and was around the 45th percentile for heighth, weight, and head size. His growth has slowed. I keep trying to figure out how my baby went from this:
To this: just a few short months. Happy 7 months to my sweet little Easton!